wow legion dh best in slot

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Where a vehicle doesnt make sense for a role (i.e.
Support units are scaled for appropriate vehicles to be supported.Zetas can carry one of any walker below AT-SP size, but cant lift A6 type craft.Infantry dropships are laav/is my Imperial era laat.Since these units are not modeled, they are subject to change.No volume provision for bikes (also not voluminous but I would assume ratio of 1 bike platoon per battalion troops allocation (scale up accordingly).Broadsword as an artillery unit, assume its a scaling placeholder, or a variant).I assume that many of these functions are landed as containerized cargo rather than in an assault transport.Refrain from: -Jokes or funny stories -Comments or complaints directed at Blizzard -Questions which have been asked before -Basic questions novoline 20 euro einsatz that can be answered by looking at the relevant class guide or a quick Google search -Guild/Team/Partner requests/advertisements -Macro/UI questions (see /r/wowui ) -For more.Heavy Combat Walker platoon 1 AT-SE company 4 1 battalion 3 company AT-SE 1 command 3 AT-ACT 3 platoon light walker (scout).Bike Tour Guide - Trek Travel Ambassador, leader.Total battalion: (16 AT-SE) 3 AT-ACT 15 AT-ST.As a quick scaling exercise, and to further discussion about organization, Ive updated my hypothetical charts for some tweaked surface formations.A Chi carryall would probably better for re-positioning after the initial assault, but by then repulsorlift units would be under the shielding and doing most of the work.
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