Most were made by Thomas but other contributors' include WLHack, Loki and ack.
SR's Wolf SDL Here's Harry Mass Senior's first mod in SDL.
Hotel Romanstein Gold Edition 2 (SDL) Set in a hotel scenario, the berlin roulette hotel 60 levels are extensive and well made.FrankTrollman Serious Badass Joined: Posts: 28468 Posted: Tue Feb 22, 2011 3:53 pm Post subject: Dr_Noface wrote: I found at levels 10 defense scores were too high.That ability to mutilate the dead and helpless you had from level.Fast moving with plenty of action.You have to find some way to get past them without being seen.Assault on Hell SDL Little Snabes' 46-level set 'Assault on Hell' has been converted to SDL by Andy Nonymous.Personally, I count that as an advantage of the system, not as a point to criticise.Posted: Mon Feb 21, 2011 4:16 am Post subject: Based on what I've played (and I haven't played too much of it) The Jedi everything else thing is pretty damn big and seriously.WLHack and Ronwolf did the code changes and.People talk about it as being this super bad rpg and I'm just not seeing.Just the later version.That's the one where every two levels you get a power or a 1 bonus to something you don't care about and won't remember anyway.Some of the features are.Virtually all the graphics have been changed and along with the new sounds and music give the game a feel of its own.Despite the uses described in the book, they exist only for destiny point wars: someone attacks you, you spend a DP to negate the attack, they spend a DP to negate yours, etc.2nd zip SDL, ken O'Brien's '2nd.HalloWolf SDL Demo Made by The Incredible Pete, this 2 level demo has a cartoon type feel.Magnuskn wrote: A straight Jedi will lack horribly in the skill department.Another very good set.Stealth (Demo) 3 level demo from Ronwolf1705.