Barry Sharpless, (born 1941 2001 Wolf Prize jackpot loterij amerika in Chemistry, 2001 Nobel Prize in Chemistry Dan Shechtman (born 1941) 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, discovered quasicrystals Patsy.
Cochran (born 1929 American Chemist, known for pioneering studies on the nature of free radicals Ernst Cohen (18691944 Dutch chemist (murdered in Auschwitz) James Bryant Conant (18931978 American organic Chemist, Priestley Medal 1944 Elias James Corey (born 1928 American organic chemist, winner of the 1990.
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Miramontes (19252004 co-inventor of the combined oral contraceptive pill Peter.
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Mitchell (19201992 1978 Nobel Prize in Chemistry William.
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