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KH Kiara Hamed Tattoo Artist Kiara Hamed is a Tattoo Artist in Texas.
Stick 'n' pokes work much better with simple and tiny tattoos.17 Wear loose clothing so your tattoo can breathe.The skin may swell up a bit as you poke it which may cause the resulting tattoo to appear spotty.Once finished, you will be able to enjoy your tattoo.They are full of bacteria, which can lead to infection.But wait, dont grab any old needle from your haystack, that needle will need to be sterilized with fire, perhaps the fire from a lighter, or perhaps the fire ravenously burning from the heads of your enemies (am I projecting).Only use new, clean needles and make sure you sterilize them before you begin.Tight clothing prevents this.Now, this decision wasn't entirely random.Of course, even with this diligence, there is still a greater chance of getting a skin infection with an at-home tattoo than with a professional artist in the controlled setting of a tattoo parlor.This image is all you'll have to go on once you start.If I grow attached to them, I can either have my friends stick and poke over the lines again, or I could have a professional artist go over it to give it a more permanent home whale poker staking on my body.Question Can you write with the needle the way you would write with a pencil while doing this?I am lucky to have multiple friends who give stick and poke tattoos, and who also are very meticulous about making sure their tools are spotless.They don't hold the ink well and generally aren't the right type of needle.With stick and pokes, the artist literally needs to take the time to create the line with the little dots they're making.Since you'll be tattooing yourself, make sure the place you choose is easily.It's important to make sure everything you use is clean.
For the first week or so be mindful of your tattoo.