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Of course some people have difficulty paying it back said Mr Kipnis.
Chinese education company, New Oriental Education, organises SAT trips to online slots casino canada Hong Kong for 1,000 (627) on average, and parents spend up to 8,000 (5,020) on tutoring.
They often borrow from relatives.
Educating a child has become an extended-family project.According to the LG Economic Research Institute, 28 of South Korean households cannot afford monthly loan repayments, and are hard pressed to live off their incomes.But it is not easy to dampen education fever.He feared the family, already in debt to pay for medicines, would not be able to afford his son's tuition fees.Spending is also increasing in India and Indonesia.Cram schools, the education obsession is so all consuming that the South Korean government has unsuccessfully tried to curb it, concerned about family spending on extra-curricular lessons and cram schools for ferociously competitive exams.The company expects its revenue to grow by over 40 in China's second and third tier cities.Gambling on results, once confined to affluent Beijing and Shanghai, it is an expanding market.In the past an overseas education was confined to the most privileged.It is so expensive to educate a child that it is undoubtedly a factor in South Korea's very low birth rate he said.As his son headed home to celebrate his success, lotto laden jan petersen str Zhang Jiasheng killed himself by swallowing pesticide.It means that when young people graduate there is great pressure on them to start earning.Zhang Yang, a bright 18-year old from a rural town in Anhui province in China was accepted to study at a prestigious traditional medicine college in Hefei."It can be very intense.Nearly 87 of Chinese parents said they were willing to fund study abroad.
There is evidence of high levels of education spending in China, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore.