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"The signals are getting weaker.
The Australian ship Ocean Shield picked up fresh signals that officials hope are locator beacons from the data recorders of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.
Instead, they are pinning their hopes on the so-pings.
Tuesday, was 7 drakensang bonus code facebook minutes long."We're just going through so many kinds of emotion said Wang.Everything." Timeline: Leads in the hunt for Flight 370 weave drama Lucrative China-Malaysia relations not derailed by search for MH370 Wife of passenger: 'I needed to know they were looking for Pauly'.As is, the pings that were heard could have emanated from anywhere within a 5-mile radius, said Mary Schiavo, a former inspector general for the.S.The latest, greatest hopes have come from crews listening underwater for signs of Flight 370.Kevin McEvoy, a New Zealand air force commodore involved in the effort, noted that authorities once "didn't even know which haystack" to look in for the aircraft.All told, everyone involved will be scouring a 29,000-square-mile zone centered about 1,400 miles northwest of Perth, according to Australia's Joint Agency Coordination Centre.Andy Scott of New Zealand stated: "It's a large task that's still ahead.".What happens after the Malaysian plane's pingers die?Official: "We need to maintain respectful optimism and be responsible".Whether that proves true, viktor blom poker winnings one thing she won't believe are the Malaysian officials heading the investigation.Possible discovery of plane's pingers energizes search, but for how much longer?That's large and challenging, but still pales in comparison to the once nearly 3 million miles, at sea and on land, the searchers were scouring for signs of the lost aircraft a few weeks ago.Without them, authorities could then start the painstaking process of using side-scanning sonar to try to find the aircraft on the ocean's bottom.