Stamp twice then clap twice Enchufa, Drácula, Frankenstein, Peluqería, Policía, Príncipe Bueno, slot free games casino xp Príncipe Malo, Spaghetti Pelota Loca Crazy ball video (Media Noche).
Rueda al medio When the command y al medio is called, everyone gets into a position facing the center.
Right-to-right, follower turns right, left, leader turns right, Enchufa then Dile Que.
Some names are known in slightly different versions, easily recognisable by Spanish-speaking dancers, but may be confusing to the rest.Dance with Me " and in the music video clip "No me dejes de querer" internet explorer google statt bing by Gloria Estefan.(give me one, or two, three.) Dame arriba also Dame dos arriba, tres arriba.con una (clap while you do the Dame) (.with one (clap).g., Dame dos con una Dame con los manos pasa con los manos, pasala con los manos Danilo Danilo y dame.trunca Bulla Una bulla Suena Media Noche video Cadeneta (chain) series of enchufla's with men's Lh and Rh - different than La Cadena Candado (lock) Media Noche video Candado de mentira Cero El cero (zero) Media Noche video Cien (one hundred) Coca-Cola from Guapea.La tuya Enchufla por detrs Uno (one) Exhibe, Exhibela (show her off) Evelyn Fly Un fly Frankenstein Gancho (hook) Guapea guaperia Hombres derecho (men to the right) Huracan (hurricane) Juana la cubana Kentucky Kentucky complicado La rosa (rose) Mantecado Montaa Mujeres.It was developed in, havana, Cuba in the 1960s by the famous group.Nowadays many local variations of the calls can be found.This was due to the fact that when the pioneers.Enchufa Doble, Enchufa y Sacla, Enchufa para Arriba, Enchufa con Rounded, Dile Que No Enchufa con Viaje Connect her, with a journey Enchufa, then miss out one follower while you turn twice Enchufa Enchufa Doble Plug her twice video (Media Noche).They do not represent a specific figure, but refers to another figure and modifies.Jump to navigation, jump to search, rueda de Casino is a way of dancing Cuban salsa where pairs form a circle (in Spanish, rueda means "wheel and partners frequently swap.It is quite common to start a rueda in closed position.Most of the rueda figures start from this position.trunca Bulla Una bulla Cadeneta (chain) Candado (lock) Cero El cero (zero) Cien (one hundred) Coca Cola Consorte Croqueta or Taxi Cucaracha (cockroach) Dame (Gimme) Dame otra (give me another) Dame una also dos, tres.Street Rueda Street Rueda refers to the easy figures that you may pick up on casino naumburg gewerbegebiet the street or in a social rueda, as opposed to learning it at a dance school.
The names of the moves are mostly in Spanish, some in English (or Spanglish;.g., "un fly.