F/SF-9032 - Kansas City Suite - Count Basie Orchestra Reissue of Roulette SR-52056.
F/SF-9012 - At Play with the Playmates - Playmates Reissue of Roulette R-25043.
Reissue of Roulette SR-100.
Just for You album SF-16004, which included some songs in stereo not available before its issue.The stereo label was black with gold print, the forum logo above the center hole.F/SF-9016 - Woody Herman Sextet at the Roundtable - Woody Herman Reissue of Roulette SR- 25067.(E I'll Shed A Tear At Your Wedding - Flamingos (E Song In My Heart - Dubs (E I'm Still In Love With You - Little Anthony Imperials (E) FC/FCS Million Sellers, Vol.F/SF-9041 - Cole Porter in Latin America - Pete Terrace Reissue of Tico LP-1063.Frog skull and bones guitar but ours is far more realistic (and far less expensive).Release Date Contents poke concord 16000 Series: F/SF-16001, the Playmates Visit West of the Indies, playmates 1960, f/SF-16002, f/SF-16003.Back to the Roulette Story Back to the Roulette Album Discography, Part 5 Related Issues CDs Back to the Discography Listings Page Back to the Both Sides Now Home Page.In fact, the stampers used for these issues were the same ones used for the original Roulette, Tico, or Forum 16000 series albums, as they had spielhalle goldene 7 bad nenndorf the original master numbers scratched into the trailoff grooves.F/SF-9028 - Curtain Going Up - Dukes of Dixieland Reissue of Roulette SR-25029.Just send them to us via e-mail.Royal Garden Blues/Basin Street Blues/Clarinet Challenge - Tin Roof Blues/High Society/When The Saints Go Marching In/Trombone Cavalcade: Rosetta/The Sidewalks Of New York/Riverboat Shuffle/Drums Vs Vibes/That's A Plenty FC/FCS-9099 - Joey Dee and the Starliters - Joey Dee Starliters 1964 Peppermint Twist/Rolly Poly/I Wanna/Starlight tot slot of tenslotte Special/Cyclone/Joey's Blues/Walkin'.F/SF-9040 - Irving Berlin in Latin America - Pete Terrace Reissue of Tico LP-1062.Label Name Changes to Forum Circle: FC/FCS-9080 - Themes from Hollywood's Greatest Motion Pictures - Symphony of the Air (Jack Shaindlin, Conductor) 1964 FC/FCS-9083 - The Big Sound of Red Prysock - Red Prysock 1964 Another You/Flamingo/Castle Rock/Locomotion/Jive Five/Monkey Business/Second Time Around FC/FCS-9085 - Sarah.

For Lena and Lennie/Rat Race/Quince/Meet B B/The Big Walk/A Square at the Roundtable/I Needs to Be Bee'd With/Jessica's Day/The Midnite Sun Never Sets/Muttnik F/SF-9063 - Not Now, I'll Tell You When - Count Basie His Orchestra 1963 SF-9071 - Coffee, Cigarettes, and Memories - Jeri.