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The Pokemon has a chance of holding on with 1 HP if hit by something that would have knocked it out.
Regular - 3 Affection Points, patterned - 5 Affection Points.
1: Regular Poké Beans.Pikachu, poké Beans (Japanese: Poké Bean ) are a food introduced in, generation VII that is usually fed to, pokémon.When Poké Pelago is fully developed, Mohn will give the player 10 Rainbow Beans.Do they not have flavors, and are instead just colors?Any variety of Poké Bean can also be placed into an island's Poké Bean crate to temporarily enhance that island's function.Enjoyment, this indicates how many times you've interacted with the Pokemon in Pokemon, refresh, and will decrease over time.Later in the episode, Ash was seen giving a Poké Bean to Pikachu while the two were spending time on Treasure Island.Rainbow Beans are very rare and as such have a massive increase on affection.In the manga A Poké Bean in Pokémon Adventures In the Pokémon Adventures manga Poké Beans debuted in the Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun Ultra Moon chapter.Your character will say different messages when it's switched into battle.Regular beans add a little bit, Patterned Beans add a lot, and Rainbow Beans add a significant amount.Isle Abeens - Makes Wild Pokmon more likely to appear.If a Pokemon is completely full, it will refuse to eat more Poke Beans.Regular Beans, patterned Beans, rainbow Beans, the easiest way to get Pok Beans is in the.You can put 20 Beans in at Level 1, 30 at Level 2 and 50 at Level.
The colour difference is solely aesthetic.

Festival Plaza and as a gift from the cafs in Pokmon Centers.
Occasionally, one of the player's Pokémon visiting Poké Pelago may also find a bean for the player.