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We have called the pre-flop raise on the button. .
If we think our opponent would now only bet AA99 and AJ, we should fold to another bet because our opponents range has become too strong. .We shouldnt choose our hands only with regards to their absolute strength.How does my hand play against that range?Our hands have to be rather strong as there are a number of opponents still to act and they might enter the pot with good hands.How to generate and represent your own range.Start by building your own hand table in Excel (or just download this one that I built) like the following example (6-max Mid-level Open Ranges of a micro stakes SNG CO/BTN poker ranges, different colors divide ranges into sub-ranges. .If there is a bet into us were facing a tough decision.Like the deuces in the former example, our hand has about 40 equity so the situation is similar.But its a start.It consists mainly of Broadway hands.The Essence of Hand Ranges is Balance The approach is similar when it online casino poker popper comes to re-raises.How to include the way your opponent perceives your range into your decision-making.The answer to this problem was to create my own poker ranges.Adding a Broadway hand or eliminating one suited connectors hand which we should make with regards to our opponents game, we have now created a reasonable range to play from early position.Obviously, the playing style of our opponents is also an important factor for.