Now, let us do the task of FCE format multiplechoise cloze, in which we are to revise the lexics, concerning this theme and, at the same time, try to solve the problem.
The Highway Code appeared in Russia in 1973 and from that time there appeared a lot of amendments.
A Presently B Nowadays C Then D Later.Then we are to speak about the history of the Russian Highway Code and well try to estimate its importance for our modern life.Now, we are to listen to some information and I think, you will estimate these hazardous data and understand that we should know and follow the Highway Code of the country we live.Student 2: (a report) Nowadays in Russia, as well as in many other countries, right-handed traffic is widely used.View more, tbh/ idk you but you seem pretty cool instagram profile pap?There is a tendence of increasing of the number of deaths year by year.The most important difference is that the traffic in Russia is right-handed, but in Britain it is left-handed.At home you will have to answer goldfish slot machine game these questions of the test (the teacher gives students test papers) This will be your hometask on the theme.Decide which answer (A,B,C or D ) best fits each space.On the blackboard you can see some humorous traffic signs.(A trains, B horses, C bicycles, D buses, E trams, F cars, G helicopters) What are the main problems connected with the development of different means of transport?Don't know you, seem nice and Decent x gay this is what you will turn into if your life is you giving insults to everyone #combover.Look all around for traffic and listen.Okay, washington state, ask @MitchellLee221: Ask anonymously, latest, top.U seem nice and chill.
A by,.
B foot, by train, or on horseback.

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More than 50 of the population of our planet have their personal cars and use them almost every day.
See more trademark: Usage of handheld cameras to create an aesthetic of realism.