Elvis sings the vocal very delicately without having to play to the audience and this is a great addition to our collection.
OK, so they should have been able to mix out the audience applause (I don't know how they couldn't!) the way they mixed Elvis' voice into the background during 'Polk Salad Annie and they didn't have to cut it up and change the sequence.A nice addition in this quality.If only this had been recorded in multi-track!For instance the chatting before the July 24th Sweet Caroline tryout - where Elvis sings one line of Love Me Tender and whistles the tune of Sweet Caroline while Ronnie Tutt sets up his drums and then Elvis chats to Glen Hardin.While this includes fixing the missing intros, it has also meant fading-down Elvis off-beat comments or in some instances even editing out Elvis rehearsal comments completely!What a mean, vicious woman, everyday before suppertime, she'd go down by the truck patch.Without performing to the audience Elvis again sings it very delicately and slowly - and it is a beautiful version.Looking Closer Every CD needs an introductory statement to set the scene.What do you think of this new rehearsal show?3 1972 "Charlie get back over here, they are doing everything right.When he sings Bad Mouthin, about an abusive lover, Whites voice rings with the weariness of a man pushed to his limits.Two years later, Brook Bentons recording of A Rainy Night in Georgia topped the soul charts, lotto spielen in meiner nähe and its been a wild ride since: decades of touring and recording marked by hit songs and collaborations with the likes of Eric Clapton, Jerry Lee Lewis and Mark.
This means that almost every song they recorded was missing the first few bars or more of the song.

Similarly this Rehearsal CD desperately needs the first track to explain that it is A Rehearsal.
Elvis even makes a "Dear Georgie" crack!