When you're done, you can upload your video to Facebook.
and determine levels of access to your video.
Tap the followers button on the top right for face-to-face interaction with viewers.
To broadcast to the most places at once: Livestream ( iOS, Android use Livestream to broadcast from your phone or tablet to Facebook, Twitter, or any website that includes Livestream.But what really sets Kanvas apart is its hundreds of cool effects, filters, GIFs, and drawing overlays.Live-stream to your friends or the public with these seven easy-to-use apps.To live-stream, just tap the broadcast button, briefly describe what your show's about, and hit Go Live.If you have a large Twitter following: Periscope ( iOS, Android live-streaming is equally easy on Periscope.Just tap GIF or the drawing button to add one.Simple swipe controls let you flip the camera, invite a guest to join, or type a message to your audience.If you'd rather not learn a new app: no deposit bonus casino 2017 new Facebook ( iOS, Android facebook Live, once exclusive to celebrities, was finally little red slotomania card rolled out to everyone in January 2016.Followers can show their love with hearts or comments, and you can respond.Opening the iTunes Store.Then tap Start Broadcast.If you make a mistake, erase your handiwork with the press of a button.You can also live-stream directly to Twitter.Tag your broadcast from one of a dozen suggested keywords or search for more, and then decide whether you want to share to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or all of the above.Tap Go Live to start your broadcast.
Press and hold your screen for advanced controls like sketching, switching cameras, and ending your broadcast, which you can perform with simple taps and swipes.