That explains my interests to a certain degree.
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But the blackjack fever has hit numerous fronts, not just movies.I will only say that we have almost reached the best part of the film, but I have no intentions of spoiling it for you.The second point is not too valid, I admit, because new films just dont get shot in that colour scheme which makes the two incomparable in that aspect.This movie basically singlehandedly caused a resurgence in blackjack and card counting for a while, and with good reason its pretty good, even if its somewhat clichéd.Is there a casino movie that falls into a different category?The Gambler doesnt go that far, but it depicts a character struggling with gambling addiction who only manages to find his happy ending by completely denouncing the casino and its influence and learning to instead lead a normal, healthy life.All of Joe's staff are close friends and have been with him for several years.Most of the subtle nuances of the profession used to be accomplished by hard manual work and pure skill.Once they did that, it was only a matter of time before they went on to create the first set of paper cards.Many directors see the casino as a soul-sucking black hole of despair that will undoubtedly ruin the lives of anyone associated with.For example, if the offer is 100 up to 200, you will deposit 200 and you will get 200 bonus, which adds up to 400 to play with.The truth is, he is a card player, much like Stu was, and thats what he knows and thats what he should.However, after watching plenty of movies themed after casinos, or featuring casino games as an element, I think Ive pretty much managed to separate them into three very neat categories.And sadly, as far as Ive personally noticed, that particular notion hasnt really gone away.It is we who have to find.The latter includes titles like the prolific Texas Holdem, Omaha, Duke, Irish Poker, Pineapple Poker and many other variations of these games.Unlike Texas Holdem, these two games are played with 4 dealt cards and 5 community cards, instead of 2 dealt and 5 on the flop.
See, gambling and gaming arent just very similar words, theyre also quite similar as industries, at least as far as cultural acceptance is concerned.