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330 327 "Fight for the Meteorite" (Team Aqua.
Spiderman Swing, monster Fighting Frenzy, elmore Breakout, adventure Time: Finn.
However, after a scuffle with Team Rocket, it ends up in the hands of the Magikarp Salesman.
This season, there is a new mid-episode eyecatch segment known as "Pokémon Trainer's Choice which is hosted by Ash himself.The Legendary Pokémon Coordinator Appears!) Transcription: "Eneko to Enekororo!360 357 "Who's Flying Now?" (Hiwamaki City's Feather Carnival!) Transcription: "Hiwamaki Shiti no Fez Knibaru!" ( Japanese : ) July 8, 2004 June 25, 2005 Finally reaching Fortree City, the gang discover a carnival game zone casino esslingen full of flying Pokémon, and James befriends a Chimecho.The Japanese opening songs are "Advance Adventure" by garden for the first 30 episodes, and "Challenger!" by Matsumoto.322 319 "Candid Camerupt!" (Kachinuki Family!356 353 "That's Just Swellow" (Beginning Challenge!329 326 "Game Winning Assist" (Eneco and Cat's Paw!Juegos de Ben 10, juegos de Dragon Ball Z, juegos de Hora de Aventura.343 340 "Go Go Ludicolo!" (Dancing Battle!However, the Loudred also evolves into an Exploud and goes on a rampage, casino schlosspark glienicke refusing to obey its trainer, Guy, and Grovyle (who has even more of an attitude than before) is determined to finish its battle with Exploud.Thus, Ash rescues a Torkoal, adding a new member to his team.350 347 "Hokey PokéBalls" (Fushigidane and Fushigidane!333 330 "Going for a Spinda" (Full of Patcheel!

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