In Ready Player One, the kitt AI and scanner is fitted in Parzival's Back to the Future DeLorean time machine.
It is speculated that this is a primitive form of an inertial damping device.
Two-Wheel Ski Drive The Ski Mode setting allowed kitt to " ski " (driving up on two wheels).With it, kitt could also simulate other sounds.In both instances, kitt is an artificially intelligent electronic computer module in the body of a highly advanced, very mobile, robotic automobile: the original kitt as a 1982.Máximo 63 (4 pines o 6 pines) en conexión de computadores y en dispositivos clientes.Mobile Unit with Aerodynamic Sleeping Cab.L.A.G.Roadster built by Professor Von Drake, is closely related to kitt.The GPS featured custom recorded voices so that the unit could "speak to" its owner using their own name if it was one of the ones in the recorded set of names.The module can be adjusted giving kitt different accents such as in Episode 82, "Out of the Woods where kitt uses a "New York City" accent and called Michael, "Micky".Citation needed The cost of subsequent equipment improvements and the installation of additional features since his activation have not been factored.Kitt can fill the car's cabin with tear gas to incapacitate a would-be thief as seen in Episode 7, "I Wanna Rock Roll All Knight".Scanner bar is not shown.Voice Sampler story of bing blog Similar to the Knight 2000's Anharmonic Synthesizer, this device could simulate any voice which has been recorded into the Knight 4000's memory.Self-Destruct A software program secretly built into kitt that, when activated by the SSC, turns kitt into a bomb using his fuel as the charge and his computer as the detonator.Etymotic Equalizer This system allowed kitt to hear sound.It had a different looking attack mode in the pilot which was used whenever the car needed to increase speed.Third Stage Aquatic Synthesizer With this system, kitt can hydroplane, effectively "driving" on water, using his wheels and turbo system for propulsion.
Larson, the creator of both Knight Rider and Battlestar Galactica has stated that the two shows have nothing else in common and to remove any fan speculation, he stated in the Season One Knight Rider DVD audio-comments, he simply reused the scanning light for kitt.