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Tier 3 / kostenlos casino automaten spielen wings of fire Level lotto mittwoch quoten 3 richtige 45 Feral Affinity / Guardian Affinity / Restoration Affinity Feral Affinity increases your movement speed, increasing your leveling speed.
Tier 2 / Level 30 Renewal / Displacer Beast / Wild Charge You should not need the healing from Renewal, so we will go with one of the Movement traits, which enables faster leveling.This, in addition to the heal effect at lower health points, makes these a valuable pick.Note that it delays Lifeblooms Bloom effect.Knowledge of the Ancients (Increases mana regeneration by 2).If it is on cooldown, use Regrowth Use Essence of GHanir and Flourish to deal with heavy AoE damage.Trinket Tier Rankings for Mythic Tier A : Ignition Mage's Fuse, Dinobone Charm.AoE Healing Efflorescence Efflorescence heals players in an area over the course of 30s.Utility Abilities Nature's Cure This is your dispel.The Manager, the, biS Manager is where all the magic happens.You can even use Barkskin, but it is generally not recommended to use multiple defensives at the same time (Bear Form increases armor by 200) so that you have them available later.Beast Slaying: Experience gains from killing Beasts increased.
In Dungeons, it can get to the next pull early, allowing you extra time to drink and thereby increasing your mana supply.
I don't know much about healer gear so I'm trying to help her out.