google and bing market share

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I, for one, cant remember a single time Ive used Bing in recent memory, other than the aforementioned use of installing a web browser that doesnt use Bing.The numbers seem to go up and down depending on the source, but the most generous prior estimate ( from Comscore last year ) put Microsoft at just north of 21 percentthough its possible to get to the 33 percent market share number considering Bing.We can get a closer look at the small quantity of change in the search landscape by zooming in on the Y-Axis, as Ive done in the graph below for the past nine months of 2018: With the Y-Axis showing only the 88th percentile and.The visual below shows that nicely (in this one, I cut off the Y-Axis at the 50 mark Google Images accounts for more than 20 of all queries Americans performed in 2018, and thats down from a high of nearly 30 three years ago.These changes show clearly in the graph, as Googles standard web search gains prominence.Myth #1: 65 of Web Searches Happen on Google.Stats released by the company this week claim Bing enjoys an astonishing 33 percent market share in the US, which is pokerfreunde duisburg far higher than the frankly more believable 9 percent it reports worldwide.Market Share, search, market Share, oS, market Share, screen Resolution, stats, social Media, stats, device Vendor.Those numbers were reversed in 2015, meaning Amazons gained 8 of product search share the last three years.Photo: AP, microsoft claims Bing, its search engine for people who have just unboxed a new computer and are trying to find out where to download Chrome, is bigger than you think.This is surprising, because as, ars Technicas Peter Bright noted, the most common reaction he gets when he says he uses the site at all is slack-jawed stares and stupid questions.On Windows 10, a user can conduct a voice search from anywhere using that command.Myth #2: Amazon (or Facebook) is Gaining on Google in Search.StatCounters numbers, so its not just Jumpshot saying this is true.Still, Windows 10 could have led to an increase in voice searches on Bing thanks to its Hey Cortana feature.It has more search volume than Bing or Yahoo, more than twice Amazons, and three times Facebooks.Reality: Googles ownership of search has been remarkably stable the last three years.But, overall, Google receives 50X more searches than Amazon.In the past three years, Amazons share of overall web searches has gone from.2 (back in Q4 of 2015).5 (in Q3 of 2018).
The search giant wrapped more Maps searches into its m web search interface, put videos more front-and-center in the web search results, and increased the percent of queries that showed Google Images in the web serps, too.

Microsofts share of desktop search is now sitting.6.
But its a paltry third place behind Googles second juggernaut in search Images.