google and bing car

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If you head on over to planet 7 casino signup bonus Google Street View for the location where the meeting of the minds occurred, we see that Google includes a crisp and gräfliches roulette wiki clear shot of Microsofts Bing Car, as illustrated below.
I mean, who knew that Bing Maps was even around anymore?
Tumblr post, which also reveals the missing part of the photo.More from, cars, the original post that brought this funny encounter to light was found.Can you guess which mapping car wanted to quickly block out the other?A recent post by The Verge, however, reminded us of the fateful encounter of the two mapping vehicles.Teslas Christmas Treat Is A Voice-Activated Santa Mode by Michelle Marus.For those who may have forgotten or just didnt know, Bing has its own version of Google Street View called Bing StreetSide.It is pretty obvious, though, since you can clearly see a really big camera rig sticking out of the white block.The obscured portion shows a forlorn Google driver acknowledging his Redmond foe with a wave, unaware that hell soon be rubbed out of existence forever.The two drivers were seen in an image waving at each other, despite being each ofhers competition.Like an embarrassed or jilted lover, Microsoft masks the memory of the Google encounter with a giant white rectangle in Bing maps.Theres something beautiful about two ships that pass in the night, but bing traducteur français what about two street-mapping cars?It is quite humorous that Google is willing to admit it passed a Bing car, but the same isnt true vice versa.
Okay, so perhaps thats a bit harsh, but with Apple Maps, Google Maps, and Waze all in the mix, its legitimately easy to forget about all of the mapping work Microsoft has been doing in recent years.

Originally brought to light via a Tumblr post, The Verge reminded us of the fateful interaction between the two cars earlier this week.
Cars, the title of this post may sound like the beginning of a good joke, but what really did happen when a Google Street View car crossed paths with a Bing Car?