Our July theme will be the first Warp 7 based theme.
New front end framework, all the less stuff made us rethink the way we style themes and we started developing a completely new front end framework.
So here is a short Warp 7 feature round-up.
We are very satisfied with the current development state of Warp.This helped us a lot and many of them were taken into account.It lets you pick colors, select fonts and change sizes and spacings without CSS knowledge or the need to write a line of code.It gives you a real-time preview of your theme where you can see all the changes you have made.We completely overhauled the mobile menu and transformed it into a modern and beautiful off-canvas navigation.In the next days we will provide you a blog post where we take a closer look on the new customizer and administration ares.We are very excited about Warp 7 and we hope you are too!Now you have all major settings in one place, presented in a slick and clean.Warp does the whole job for you and compiles less files into CSS, so you can start using all the latest less features like variables and mixins.If you don't know less, learn more on the official.All Joomla modules and WordPress widgets are now neatly arranged in one overview, where you can set the style, icon, badge and even define, whether or not to show a module or widget on different devices.Bootstrap support, and of course for all the Joomla 3 users we have native Bootstrap support, which means Bootstrap markup will look awesome in our themes.
Warp 7 now requires PHP.3, which enables us to use better class czech lotto results history autoloading and other new features like namespaces and closure functions.
I'm the bird of prey!

Like with all major releases, we did a complete framework overhaul, not only adding features but rather changing the way of building themes.
It's well-engineered and created from the developer's perspective - simplified, no magic, just a great tool set to develop cross-platform themes.