Baruna Jewel Socket Baruna Weapons have now the option to be set with diamonds to receive additional attributes once the weapon is high upgraded.
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There is no chance of losing the item, the card's bonus will always be applied.Double-click on the Shining Oricalkum.Put a Moonstone in the second slot, followed by a Scroll of GProtect in the third.For example, four Volcano Card(7) in one suit would result in a bonus of Max.Note the if you do not have enough.Weapon Level Jewels Topaz Ruby Sapphire Emerald Diamond Upgrade 0 - 4 1 jewel is created Unique 0 - 4 1 jewel is created 5 1 jewel is created Unique 5 2 jewels is created 6 2 jewels is created Unique 6 4 jewels.In Darken see (Upgrade Specialist) Radyan.Scroll of Smelting : Increases your chance of the upgrade being a success by 10, but only works until.If the upgrade is successful, the weapon will now be an Ultimate version of the weapon you placed in the window.They require further upgrading to be ready.Scroll of Smelting and continue in upgrade process.Weapons that are upgraded between 0 and 4 will have a lower chance of success with a smaller amount being created.Note: To remove the cards you need Scroll of Baruna Reversion.Levels are acquired through upgrading.Item will not break but Rune might be lost.An upgraded set of 10 would have 18 in each stat, instead.Enchant Absolute Scroll Enchant Absolute Scroll Tools How-to Drag your Enchant Absolute Scroll onto your choice of armor/weapon/shield and it will instantly become the upgrade your scroll.The diamonds give the following stats.They can be elemented to a maximum.
Ultimate Yo-Yos can only be used by Jesters.
Note: Shields do not fall under the weapon category, but they are listed as a drop.

Jewelry requires moonstones and may be upgraded to a maximum.
You can add the already existing Suit Socket Cards (2, 4, 7, 10, 12 but you can now also add the 15 Baruna Cards: These cards can be made by exchanging 20 of the specific 12 Cards at the Socket Card Operator.