flipper bingo belge

I adore the great looks of this machine (coloring /artwork) but by far is a fantastic player for sure.
He told me that the game was new in the box being stored at the warehouse and that the vendor after a few that passed never came and picked this game.
A few bingo's have been gratis spiele governor poker on eBay recently with some selling and others remaining unsold.The edges on this game were un-damaged and very sharp to the feel while sliding your finger up and down the edge.It is almost 90 minutes long and covers many aspects of the rise and decline in their popularity.Royal guard Gottlieb (USA) Sold Traded my beautiful Nick Rash restored Corral for this excellent "All Original Condition" Royal Guard to friend.Email me for details.This game in my opinion could be one of Gottlieb's best late 1970's wegdehead and is right the top of the list of the other great ones which are only separated sometimes by a fine line.Vic couldnt have been more gracious, he opened up his vast collection to all at the party.Click here to view gallery * Note how the Magic Pocket features have been disabled on the Gayety and Gay Time.I had the game in my garage gameroom playing perfect and my two sons who were only 7 and 9 had a blast with this digital pin.My insurers sent a loss adjuster to inspect the fire damage and I am pleased to report that my claim was met in full.It was very good to see lots of my bingo buddies and some new faces.Oh well, i could always seek another Funland for my pinball pleasure in the future I thought.I installed a NOS backglass from mayfair amusements and it looks sensational!I miss this bingo the most out of the 20 or so bingos i used to own back in the 1990'eat player for sure!
After chatting a while about my love for the bingos and about how i collect these types of games the guy said i could have the game for free since it meant nordwest lotto hamburg more to him that it was going to a good home that would.

So now the Golden Arrow is in my collection and still here.