Though I find this weird considering the turtle is the 2nd hardest of the bunch, and the two that drop the weapons are the easiest and at max level can be killed in roughly 50 seconds to a minute without healing or buffing.
Then in the Steppes 2 of the "boss" mobs that you summon via weather change (1 per weather type) drop weapons.Mysterious stuff: (Slot Machine Manual Play).Buy coins, 5000 is enough.There is a fragment (Lucky netbet casino online Coin) you can win if you win over 7 777 casino coins only in the slot machines.If you press "Circle, Triangle, Square "Triangle, Circle, Square" or "Circle, Square, Triangle" the result will always be the same.It's also rare for a person to get "It's like a hot summer's day!" or "That machine's on fire." Simply exit and re-enter the building, the odds will change, but it will take awhile to get to good odds on the slots.Moogle x1, there is 3 modes: Normal mode: 5 coins, victory mode: 10 coins, reach by aligning three nines.If you want to win the Lucky Coin Fragment and the Serendipitious Achievement, do this:.113 86, that machine's on fire.Do this if you want the 7's and Microchus to appear often.Manual, auto-Play, oh, dear.It doesn't matter how much coins you burn on the machine, as long as you get 7,777 worth of winnings from.Someone's not a happy camper.
Use this pattern if you want to reset the slot machine's pattern if you don't like the results or if the 7's and the Microchus doesnt appear.