However, as time passed, and inspired by their introduction to the Australian motoring public by their appearance at and association with the 1972 Bathurst race, and Allan Moffats XY gtho Phase3 Falcon, they have become, almost universally, Bathurst Globes and the Daytona association has been.
However, when the supercar hysteria broke out, and the Phase4 was cancelled, Ford roulette bonus freispielen were left with the 200 sets.
With the popularity of the Globe, various other manufacturers jumped into the market with Globe Daytona lookalikes.
American Racing first generation Vector wheels 15.5 5 on 4 1/2 Qty poke varus Available:.: Click on image for more info.Early XA cars had the same plain, flat dished hubcaps as the XW and XY, but later XAs had a smaller centre cap with a raised, red lettered GT symbol and chromed wheel nuts that protruded through the cap.XT GTs also had the same hubcap as the XR GT but had different length wheel nuts to compensate for the 1/2 inch wider rim.Okay, it may not be a Shelby wheel, but it surely is an American Racing Torque Thrust D?Dan Gurney wheels 4.5 inch bolt pattern 14.5 4 on 4 1/2 Qty Available:.: Click on image for more info.Foresight Ventures Flag vintage magnesium wheels rim 15 x 6 5 on 4 3/4 Qty Available:.: Click on image for more info.I have taken this information and tried to gather it together as best as I can.When the XC Fairmont hardtop was released in 1976, it was offered with the GXL style wheels as seen above.This in effect lengthens the chassis.American Racing vintage original Torq-Thrust wheel rim 15.5 5 on 4 1/2 Qty Available:.: Click on image for more info.White background, with black Globe letters, and two vertical blue and red stripes.Foresight Industries Drag Mag vintage original wheels rim 15 x 7 5 on 5 1/2 Qty Available:.: Click on image for more info.We are happy to answer on any questions!
XT Front, and in detail off the wheel.