Ironed out a bug where Mara would steal 100 of players' MP, rather than a small amount, when attempting to view her reward image.
The collectible sticker system is fun and intuitive without being cheesy or gimmicky at all.
Not a member of Pastebin yet?Receptionist will remind player of what to find during "Candy Gram" quest.Cuddle Pit is dedicated to making Con-Quest and further adult games lotto24 hamburg as a collaborative effort between the lotto rekord österreich developers and its fans.A bunch of new random shop cutscenes have been added.Added three new sticker sets: James Carmen Faye Bug Fixes Some of the files in the Cosplayer Compendium have been edited to remove lag.Gardevoir - Found in the Maid Cafe.Any players who have completed the "Crab" sidequest will have immediate access to the summon.The main character is still their own person outside of being the guy who showed up to bang every cosplaying girl possible.Mara has promised to the players and patrons that the extra MP will be used "expressly for purposes of additional efficiency and entertainment value." The Ivy date quest line now has an ending and a reward image.I genuinely just have no words to praise the art outside of Its poker online no bot terrific, and youre amazing, and I hope you never stop making incredible art.Added Lola the Lopunny cosplayer to the Cosplayer Compendium.Added new script and story scenarios, including the first of what will be multiple 'dates' that the player can go on with different cosplayers.New cosplayers include Talia, Zoey, Lola and Umi!And I think it might be nice to have an indicator on the battle screen of what your opponents weak to, rather than having to trial-and-error.Beats the hell out of us, why don't you chime in with our content polls and community suggestions?Like, really, really funny.Version.100, new Cosplayers with battle sprites and rewards available!A new animated reward by a new animator on staff!Password for March 07, 2018: u1vgruy, we use cookies for various purposes including analytics.