TSR shall be defined as the total shareholder return, expressed as a percentage, which shall be calculated as follows: (the average FMV of one (1) Share between August 1, 2011 and lotto mecklenburg vorpommern bingo August 31, 2011 less the average FMV of one (1) Share during the thirty.
The completion bonus is a small amount of resources given when completing a resource-gathering building : These bonuses can provide a small boost to a nation's early economy and, with some planning, even be used to 'convert' resources.
It's also not always just 1 drop sometimes it gives 2 extras it's all RNG.
The Completion Bonus shall be paid to Executive within two (2) weeks after September 3, 2011.The parties acknowledge and agree that the average FMV of one (1) Share during the thirty (30) day period prior to the Effective Date is Thirty-Four Cents (0.34).Happen to have just finished a set and know another bonus?To research some vital technology use the timber to create some farms and receive an instant 20 food per farm completed.Thanks to maroo for providing casino am staden brunch the initial round of values, major thanks to kgarris143 and bhow817 for sending the next round, and ElizabethSwann for providing the latest round.100 A Pirate's Life For Me 550 License to Forage 500 The Final Frontier 500 Jurassic Parts 300 A Night In The Forest 250 Fast Times at WallaBee High School 350 Date Night 500 A Trip To The Circus 500 Some sets had a higher.Wealth, at both cities at the end of route, depending on the number of the.8 minutes ago, schupunk said: I see it now, sometimes the last chest shows up with green leaves, people tend to bid more coins for it, what is the content difference between the normal chest the chest with green leaves?Now is a great time to point out that a lot of the stuff on Skip's Lists was provided by players just like you.I think you ignored the person who told you that everyone in party also gets 2 dynamic reward chests instead. .1990 super yote 911 The Gold Rush 18490 Flower Store Fun 1234 Tell Us A Tale 10000 Pouch Creatures 1400 Veni Vidi Mixi 100 The Beasts of WallaBee Eggception, 2nd.Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, the bonus amounts set forth in (ii) and (iii) above shall not be paid (regardless of TSR) in the event that Executive is paid any amounts following a Change in Control (as defined below) pursuant to the Restated.You didn't know that you got bonus Honeycombs for completing sets?Special Delivery 250, what's in Your Pocket?For example, if you have an abundance of timber but are in desperate need for food (e.g.Generally, the higher the Commerce level, the more.1234 Wombie Walentine Wapocolypse 15000 The Midas Touch 3000 Winter Wonderland 17500 Stache Check 3000 Carnival of Curiosities 1000 Straying Alive 500 Andrew Cameron's "The Beanstalk" 500 Behind The Scenes 500 A Day In Singapore 500 Sons Of Foragers 800 Primeval Park 2100 Ice Scream.For example, The Midas Touch was originally 30,000 hc and Crazy Chicks was 10,000.Send me a PM in game and I'll add it here.Set Name, bonus (hc creepy Comics 250, fall Favorites 12500, the Doll And The Witch (open).