c64 poke text color

As long as each bar moves towards you, it gets bigger and slot car driver figure bigger, giving the illusion of a 3D scroller, or prospective scroller if you prefer.
We all know the limits of basic V2, but still I dont think many other 8 bit home computers can achieve such results with pure basic, even if equipped with better basics on ROM.
And finally, the fourth bar, which is the closest to the observer, is four characters high.
Typ : Command, general.The standard colors of the C64 are: Background color is dark blue (6).Poke 788,52, deactivate RUN/stop and also halts TI, pOKE 808,225.To restore a locked-up C-64 without a reset button fitted, one has to momentarily turn off the power, thereby losing any program or data in RAM!The 16-bit address comes out in a zeropage pointer, and so the short poke handling routine (a mere 9 bytes long) simply sets the Y dschungelcamp sieger geld 2018 index register table games at winstar casino to zero and uses an indirect indexed STA to store the given byte in the designated address.No skyscrapers must be shown at the beginning.The pokes in lines 12 and 13 just accomplish this.Other Commodore 64 titles use such a technique, both racing games and space shoot-em-up.Using characters for the color bars would have caused clashing problems with the graphical objects made up of characters thats why they used raster splits.At a certain point, the subroutine starting from line 50 gets used.Notice all the print statements there.This provides for a cheap way of representing a 3D effect, leaving programmable characters free to be used for the graphics.