Veterans gain some advantage appropriate for titan quest equipment slots veterans.
Increases the Character's Defense, stamina Soul, increases the character's.
Link Slot System, how it is now: Characters with min.150 / 100 soul tree can upgrade their link slots with a shit tonne of potions, to gain up to 20 of linked character's stats.
This way, Mind Grimmjow with max LP can be a useful DR link for all, mind characters I own or will own.How it could've been: Instead of upgrading a character's link slots, upgrade a character's "Link Potential" (LP for short).Release System, how it is now: 3 or 5 Hogyoku's Wills are needed to "Release" the character, then you need to farm 80 droplets of every attribute (plus another 80 for the attribute of the character) to increase their level cap.Some pros: Dupes become useful and not something to dread (until you reach 5/5).Characters used for links must also be min.150 / 100 soul tree, and also be the same attribute as the "host" character.Currently, I'd have to farm 750 potions for every Mind character I want to use him for, to gain the most stats.Bad, just kinda boring.Needing to farm 2250 potions to 10/10/10 any character, the current system is punishing for people wanting to upgrade a variety of characters.Slot Soul, increases the number of link slots.Characters with LP unlocked will give a portion of their stats to applicable characters.Image, name, description, attack Soul, increases the character's Attack, defense Soul.
Spiritual Pressure Soul, increases the damage output of Skills and Bankai Moves.
It's a simple change for a simple flat increase of stats.