If Bing Webmaster Tools is able to verify your site, you bonus icon technology will see your site information begin to populate.
Meta tag authentication: Copy the displayed meta tag with your custom ownership verification code to the clipboard.
The process of either adding a specific meta tag or file to your web hosting account confirms you have access to the web hosting account and ultimately are the website owner.You have one, right?Once you have added the ownership verification code to your site or in your DNS, click.To the right of the site you added to your Webmaster Tools account there is a message: Site ownership has not been verified.If you see a red text message stating We weren't able to verify your site, review the information in the steps above and try again.Those who use plugins or edit the template for your database/program run site (like blogs and ecommerce sites) will find that when you use either a plugin or edit the head section of your templates the meta tag is added to each page, not just.Wenn Sie sich als neuer Bing Ads-Kunde registrieren, erhalten Sie eine Bing Ads-Gutschrift in Höhe von.You will have to enter some information about your site and then youll be taken to a page with a meta tag to copy.Using an XML file placed on your web hosting account.What is Site Verification?Dieses Angebot kann nicht mit anderen Angeboten, Werbecodes, Gutscheinen oder Rabatten kombiniert, abgetrennt, bar eingelöst, bing homepage anmelden übertragen, verkauft oder getauscht netbet poker points werden.Once you've added the ones you want, click Save.Important note: If you have not completed your Microsoft profile you will be prompted to do so, you will not be able to proceed if the profile is not complete.You will need to then log into your Google account if you aren't already.You will note that the meta tag option is for you home page, not every page on your site.To complete the addition of a new site to your account, you need to verify that you own the site by proving ownership.Die Kosten für Anzeigenkampagnen, die vor Erhalt einer Gutschrift sowie nach dem Aufbrauchen aller Gutschriften anfallen, werden über die Zahlungsmethode abgerechnet, die für das Bing Ads-Konto festgelegt wurde.If not, try moving the XML file.
An example would be someone that does not know how to use DWTs (Dynamic Web Templates Dreamweaver and Microsoft products only creates a template for their site and recycles the template each time they make a new page without knowing how to edit the head.

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When complete, we can see this information and verify your ownership of the site.