bing translator ios extension

Other notable features available exclusively within the app include voice translation and the ability to translate camera photos, screenshots and long voice conversations, plus a very cool split-screen mode for casino db mannheim two participants having a bilingual conversation.
While viewing a webpage, tap the share button.
2 open the, translator app on your iPhone or iPad.
Like Microsoft Translator, you can translate 60 different languages, however, it can only convert them into any of the 44 languages available in the app's internal advanced settings.Share menu, then choose, more at the rightmost side in the bottom row of icons.Bing Translator is activated from Safari's share sheet and, by default, it tries to translate webpages to English.The quality of translation is on par with other computer-based translation tools: it's far from human, but it gives you a general idea of what a webpage is saying.Don't Miss: How to Find Stored Usernames, Emails, Passwords on Safari.Set Bing Homepage Image and Trending Topics to iOS Today Screen.In this next example, a Bangla website was translated into English by Microsoft Translator.Google Chrome instead of Safari because it can automatically translate webpages into your preferred language.Swiping from the top on your iPhone brings up the Today screen, which can now host the beautiful image of the day and trending stories from the web.Microsoft Translator does not offer this option.This post may contain affiliate links.However, if you'd like to change it, it's pretty simple in both cases.See our disclosure policy for more details.First, for the free options, there's the Bing search app, which has a built-in feature called Bing Translator that was shown off by Apple back in 2014 when the feature first became available.Actually, you'd never know the option was there if someone didn't tell you.