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The birth had taken its toll on Emma, 39, and she was left with dangerously high blood pressure which medics told them meant she needed lots of rest.
His baby Teddy was then born on December 23 - ten days after the due date and the day before Mr Agin's two weeks of paternity leave were due to end.
I liked the early mornings, they meant I could go meet flipper bingo occasion the kids from school.'.'When I went back the next week they took me off driving for two days and paid someone else overtime while I was in the warehouse.'I was really happy there.Labour leader Ed Miliband has promised a sharp increase in paternity pay to 260-a-week the equivalent of the minimum wage so more working fathers can afford to take time off.What was I meant to do?We always look to support new parents during this important time and have to treat all of our colleagues fairly.'.Mr Agin, who had worked for the company for three years, said: 'I couldn't believe it when they told me I was sacked if I didn't go back to work immediately.He added: 'I told two managers that because my wife had high blood pressure and wasn't well I wouldn't be in but I'd be back the next week.Browse online and check stock in your local store before reserving your item!THE current ROW over leave.Alternatively, why not shop spielcasino köln eröffnung our range.Paternity leave is a political battleground ahead of the General Election in May.
Just over half of new fathers take it up at present.

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Mr Agin, 48, told his bosses that he would not be able to return to work until the new year - but with the Christmas and New Year bank holidays he says he only missed two days of work.