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Federal trademark applications only after Microsoft filed for the Bing lotto bukmacher trademark in March 2009.
Search engine would be replaced by Bing, retaining the Yahoo!
Desktop Search Engine Rankings".
Best match (plus similar sites) Product shopping and "Bing cashback" Health information Flight tracking Translate Auto translation of certain search phrases, often with phrases including "translate" or "in English".Videos Bing Videos enables the user to quickly search and view videos online from various websites.En annan av Bings prylar är den som är kopplad till Bing kartor."Bing Search Volume Up 29 In 2010, Google Up 13, comScore Says".Retrieved March 5, 2010.42 Dictionary Bing Dictionary enables users to quickly search for definitions of English words.Two transliteration pairs (between Chinese (Simplified) and Chinese (Traditional) ) are provided by Microsoft's Windows International team.Kristof, Nicholas (November 20, 2009).Criticism Censorship Microsoft has been criticized for censoring Bing search results to queries made in simplified Chinese characters which are used in mainland China.Bing Wolfram Alpha ger även svar på såväl matematiska som algebraiska problem.Mary Jo Foley: Microsoft severs Live Search from the rest of the Windows Live family.archive-date ( ) Tamar Weinberg.Arkiverad från originalet den.19 The name also has strong similarity to the word ' bingo which is used to mean that something sought has been found or realized, as is interjected when winning the game Bingo.Refile-update 1-Microsoft, Yahoo in 10-year Web search deal.Live Search var integrerad i den del av Microsofts plattform och system division som kallades Live Search and Ad Plattform.Endast uppgifter från de senaste 7 dagarna syns på resultatsidan för Bing Sociala medier Shopping Bing Shopping ger ett sökresultat av tillgängliga online-shoppar.StatCounter: Bing Just Beat Yahoo Worldwide.Citation needed It also allow users to input search queries that resembles full questions and highlights the answer within search results."Bing Goes Full-on Censorship in English Search Results Within China".98 99 Allegedly copying Google's results Bing has been criticized by competitor Google for utilizing user input via Internet Explorer, the Bing Toolbar, or Suggested Sites, to add results to Bing.
När Bing lanserades, lanserades även MSN verktyg.0, den nya versionen innehöll inslag keno verseck email från Bing vilket skulle medföra att användare fick enklare tillgång till Bings funktioner såsom exempelvis Bing cash-back.
archive-date ( ) Muchmore, Michael.

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