Getting Started, obtain source code for angular-bing-maps * Via Bower bower install angular-bing-maps -save * Via git git clone :Credera/t.
See "Contributing" section below for instructions on how to make changes and submit PRs.Min.js in your html source * script type"text/javascript" Include Bing Maps' Javascript file in your html source * script charset"UTF-8" type"text/javascript" Include 'angularBingMaps' module in your angular app dependencies nolimit poker24 augsburg * var myApp dule yourAppName 'angularBingMaps Add your parent directive into your html with your Bing.Please use modules found inside this repository under /BingMapModules/moduleName.note: Please register for your own Bing Maps casino royal marburg telefonnummer API key.Spatial Data Services Module, spatial Math Module, data Modules.Location(latitude, longitude) var pushpin new tCenter draggable: true map.Make your changes and commit them to your feature branch.Location(latitude, longitude) ) affic callback: function trafficLayer new afficLayer(map / show the free online slots play 2000 traffic Layer setTimeout(function ow, 1000 function CallGetMap var latitude parseInt(lue var longitude parseFloat(lue var zoomLevel parseFloat(lue GetMap(latitude, longitude, zoomLevel function DisplayLoc(e) if (e.targetType 'pushpin var pinLoc tLocation alert The location of the pushpin.Microsoft Docs to help determine which Bing Maps API best suits your needs.Project Status, angular Bing Maps is a project that Credera developed as part of a client engagement.Login with your Windows Live account and click 'My Account' - 'Create or view your keys'.