Magnetic Recording: The First 100 Years, ieee Press, 1998,.
28 The university granted him an honorary doctorate in 1937.
41 "Sail Away from Norway" (1977) Crosby wrote lyrics to go with a traditional song.
He wrote Going My Own Way out of greed.He was a frequent guest on the musical variety shows of the 1950s and 1960s.62 TV station ownership edit A Crosby-led group purchased station kcop-TV, in Los Angeles, California, in 1954.They had four sons: Gary, twins Dennis and Phillip, and Lindsay.His partner was World Cup champion Manuel Piñero ; their opponents were club president César de Zulueta and Valentín Barrios.In 1996, Dixie's trust sued HLC and Kathryn for declaratory relief as to the trust's entitlement to interest, dividends, royalties, and other income derived from the community property of Crosby and Dixie.To soldiers overseas and to foreigners he has become a kind of symbol of America, of the amiable, humorous citizen of a free land.The One and Only Bing.He often stayed up all night writing he told his secretary, Grab your internet explorer 11 google statt bing pen and take down this song.Accounts vary as to when and where Berlin wrote the song.Guinness Book of Records 2007.64 In 1960, nafi purchased kcop from Crosby's group.The quartet's Top-10 Billboard hits from 1943 to 1945 include "The Vict'ry Polka "There'll Be a Hot Time in the Town of Berlin (When the Yanks Go Marching In and "Is You Is or Is You Ain't (Ma' Baby?Inducted See also edit References edit a b c d e f g h i Giddins, Gary (2001).I just wrote the best song Ive ever written heck, I just wrote the best song that anybodys ever written!The Fanchon and Marco Time Agency hired them for thirteen weeks for the revue The Syncopation Idea starting at the Boulevard Theater in Los Angeles and then on the Loew's circuit.The June 18, 1945, issue of Life magazine stated, "America's number one star, Bing Crosby, has won more fans, made more money than any entertainer in history.As Crosby wrote in his autobiography: By using tape, I could do a thirty-five or forty-minute show, then edit it down to the twenty-six or twenty-seven minutes the program ran.Catalog of Copyright Entries: Musical Compositions.Bing Crosby: The Unsung King of Song, The New York Times, Gary Giddins, January 28, 2001.
The game was one of the most famous in baseball history, capped off by Bill Mazeroski 's walk-off home run.

"I used to tell Sinatra over and over said Tommy Dorsey, "there's only one singer you ought to listen to and his name is Crosby.
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